I have grown up in the streets of Soweto, South Africa. Married with 4 kids and still going strong with my career. We live in a 4 bedroom house with our awesome kids. At my youth, I have done almost everything in our city from selling vegetables to working as an assistant manager.

All this I deed to cater for our extended family due to the kind of poverty we were in by that time. Nevertheless, we did not give up in trying almost everything in this world. We hustled you up to make ends meet. That was the story when I was down, but now there is a different story. I love swimming with my kids and spending some good time sipping coffee in the best hotel in town. I love my city since crime rate went down and so far so good.

My boys like French flies and I usually make sure they have some on the weekend. They like also riding bicycles in the hood and playing with other kids in the neighborhood. I like this kind of blogging where I just like talking about how I grew up to where I am today.

I like talking about my family in different angles. Not because I am now well off but because God saw us through and blessed us so much. There no reason why you should remain down when you can do simple things and increase some good cash. In the same breath, I like making advertisements in this blog more so phone commercials. Mobile phones are the most bought items so far in all malls.

The manufacturers are earning big in this business. So there is need to create more ads to increase the sales and also fight back the massive competition that is happening of late.


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