2016 Black Friday Kenya

A look at my calendar tells me that we are so close to getting to Black Friday. Well, if you happen to be a shopping freak then you know what Black Friday means to you. I happen to be one, and that is probably why I am on a countdown in readiness for the day that I will be filling my cart with everything that I have wanted to have from the beginning of the year at an affordable price. Black Friday is expected to be bigger in 2016 than it has ever been in Kenya. Everyone in the country ought to get ready for this is one of the days that you don’t   want to miss on the offers that Jumia and Kilimall will be offering.

Jumia and Kilimall are two of the most important online stores that changed the whole concept of shopping by making it possible to shop for most of your stuff online. This is actually a cool way of shopping as you don’t get tired, you don’t make long queues to pay for your items, and you definitely don’t bump into so many people while trying to get a through way with all the items that you are carrying. Kilimall and Jumia give you the benefit of shopping at the comfort of your seat, and the products that you need are delivered right to your doorstep. Let us look at some of the benefits that you get on Black Friday.

How Kenyans will benefit on Black Friday 2016


  • Black Friday will be on the last Friday of November; this is to mean that the next Friday will be in the month of December. There is a lot that comes with the festive season including buying gifts for friends and family. Kenya is one of the places that hike prices in December that it becomes almost impossible to buy anything. Black Friday is the ideal time to take advantage of the offers that will be on both Jumia and Kilimall and buy as many gifts as possible for family and friends.  Almost every item will be selling at a very low price on that day, and there will also be gifts for people who buy on that day as well as super amazing deals that make you spend less and have more. Black Friday will be the perfect time to surprise some of your friends that you have not probably met in the course of 2016.
  • We are almost coming to the end of the year, and you probably have items that are broken and some that you may want to replace. The problem is that sometimes you have so many financial obligations that you keep on putting such needs in wait. Black Friday is the day that allows you to buy all the stuff that you need without feeling like you have been strained financially. To keep up with the offers that will be going down on Black Friday, you can keep on checking some of the ads that are placed by either Kilimall or Jumia. I am confident that you will get the best deals out of these two online stores. They are the only ones that guarantee hot deals that cannot be ignored.  With the money that you could have spent on buying a single item, you can be lucky to get two items at the same amount of money. This means that you will get to save a lot of money on Black Friday.
  •  Smart Kenyans will make significant profits after Black Friday; this is how it is going to happen. Let’s say you buy more than one item such three 32 inch TVs; you can later resell them at a much lower price that they normally retail, and you will end up making a profit out of that kind of business. I can assure you that Jumia and Kilimall will have super cheap products that you will even be surprised. Having such a venture is one of the ways in which you can go through the festive season which often consumes so much money. You don’t even have to sell the items super high prices you can make a considerable profit if you are smart enough. I know that neither Kilimall nor Jumia will agree with me on that.

Important factors to consider on Black Friday 2016


To get the best save the most before the big day. I will tell you for free that you can either make a kill on that day or just be an ordinary shopper. The more money you have, the more orders you will make on Black Friday. That is the plain truth. You, therefore, need to make sure that you save some good amount of money to buy most of the things on that day.

Black Friday needs people who are time conscious; it is not like you will be walking in a supermarket to pick items. You will have to make orders online as Kilimall and Jumia are online stores. This means that you will need to be logged in to your computer right after midnight so as to get the best offers on that day.  Late shoppers will get very few items or even no items at all. Black Friday will be like a shopping spree that will have Kenyans from all walks of life involved. Survival will definitely be for the fittest.

Shop wisely, there is no point in realizing that you bought so many items and yet you don’t even need all of them. To avoid overspending, it is important that you have a list of the things that you may want to buy during 2016 Black Friday. This will save you from overspending, and it is actually a good way of using your finances in a wise way. Kilimall has a system of categorizing items, and for you to have an easy time, it is better to know the exact categories that you will want to buy your items from. This not only saves you money but also time. You will not have to waste time going through categories that you don’t need anything from.


One thing that most people will agree with is that Black Friday is too big to be ignored. 2016 will be marking the third Black Friday since this day become one of the major days in our calendar. It’s not like Kenya is the first country that Black Friday happens it is just that Jumia and Kilimall are the two companies that opened up Black Friday to most people. Otherwise, it has been going on in the West for so many decades. The pressure is real, and it’s like everyone is geared up towards this day. It is a day that is full of excitements rather than disappointments for shopping lovers like me. Take time and prepare for the big day as you save up as much money as you can.