Infinix Phones Price list leaked from the official site in 2016

There is nothing hard than comparing cell phone prices in Kenya today. There is a large relationship among many Infinix phones in the market. This company has for long manufactured many similar smartphones that have very little difference regarding prices and specifications. It is a vast sea of similar offers with this brand. Born from Tecno Mobile, this company has dared African countries and more specific Kenya itself. The company has made a big wave in the Kenyan phone industry. It’s true that this manufacturer is indeed boasting of several Infinix mobile phones that meet the needs of many Kenyans. The good this is that no matter your income, you can still buy your own gadget in Kenya.

That being said, I want to bring on board different skills of comparing Infinix prices today. I want to make it simpler to you since both specifications and prices have proved to be more relating than ever. Without spending much of your time, let’s have a look:

Review the reasons why you want an Infinix phone


At times, cell phones are just like toys. Not everything in Infinix phone is useful to you after all. Middle-level phone users may not need all the specifications available. However, some savvy consumers cannot be comfortable without everything in the palm of their hands. I am talking about business men heavyweights who need to see that email popping in or just a good keyboard to do the typing always. Then there are those people who have all the time with communities and they need to watch those breaking news and also listen to music when they are in traffic.

The parents who cannot do their daily parenting without having a GPRS in their mobile phones. And the majority reading this must have a camera in their devices for great moments capturing. What I am saying, in a nutshell, is that Infinix mobile prices and specifications have to be evaluated before anything else.

The budget

Buying an Infinix mobile phone in Kenya will cost you between 20,000 and 10,000. You have to put this into consideration before anything else. I mean what you can spend on a device and what you want in a smartphone. Alternatively, you can try your hand in Safaricom smart loan. Safaricom mobile phones sometimes come in smart loans where you can pay for your Infinix phone in bits. This is a great move to own this brand more when you don’t have a good amount of cash in your pocket. It is an enticing offer, but all in all, you will still pay for that cell phone by the end of the day.

Either way, the payments have to be met whether instant or after a period. However, it’s good to compare the two and know which one favors you more. One secret you should be informed of is that Infinix Company is trying to accommodate all both rich and low class. It is a wise decision to compare Infinix prices before you buy your preference.

Spend your time just like your money

At this point in time, you have settled on buying an Infinix phone; now you can research which model costs you can afford. You will have to spend your time well when researching this point. There are many Infinix stores all over Nairobi city, but why sweat running from one shop to the other? Try shopping online. Shopping online has all the options that you may need regarding flexible shopping. The e-commerce will give you different shops to shop from, Infinix prices comparisons and also the best online shop in Kenya. Online shopping will give you a breakdown of all specifications and prices of mobile phones in an easy way using bullets.

Answer consumer questions

When you are comparing Infinix mobile phones prices, the e-commerce websites usually have a button page that has a tag titled “Ask the Expert” where smartphone experts can answer to few questions from the consumer. It’s that place where you can post all your questions, and someone can answer you either immediately or later.

Alternatively, some online shopping sites have the click page called FAQ; you can simply post your question there, and the administrations can get back to you with an answer. Additionally, there is a smartphone glossary that can help you do your Infinix prices comparisons in a matter of minutes or seconds. That’s where you will have the privilege of knowing the difference between a 1G and 4G networks. You can inquire as many queries as you like. What is a Bluetooth? What works well in an phone? All these questions fit under that section.

If you would like to hold a new phone this season, accept to do thorough research alone or with a friend. Cell phones in Kenya are in every corner of the city and rumors spreading around is that fake phones could be in the market of late. It is good to take caution the earlier, the better. Now before you venture into owning one, compare your needs regarding Infinix prices and their specifications. I usually tell my clients that the Internet has got all your answers including this one. On that note, therefore, it is my pleasure to list down the many Infinix cell phones available in market plus their prices.

  • Infinix Mobile Phones Models and Prices in Kenya
INFINIX HOT 3 X554 KSh 7,899
Infinix Hot Note X551 KSh 9, 699
INFINIX NOTE 2 X600 KSh 12, 299
INFINIX HOT 2 X510 KSh 8, 999
INFINIX HOT X507 KSh 7, 499
INFINIX Zero 2 X509 KSh 18, 499
INFINIX ZERO 3 X552 KSh 18, 199


The above list contains some of the Infinix top players currently available in Kenya. They are decent phones and also their looks and feel is amazing in a great way. The prices are very affordable and you can see they are all available at Kilimall. I cannot forget the awesome performance that comes with different devices. They can survive all logs when playing games or entertaining yourself throughout.

If you are that person that likes both business and entertainment, then Infinix mobile phone is the best for you. The productivity of this brand is top-notch up at the bar! That’s the reason why some of the models are called “HOT” meaning some of the specifications in that cell phone will leave you asking for more. So what have Infinix smartphones done to Kenyans? I will answer this below.

How Infinix Mobile is changing Kenyans Ecosystem

The smartphone industry in Kenya has been flooded with many mobile phone companies offering almost the same taste of communication. However, none of them has done a major thing in Kenyan public domain. Few months ago, we saw Infinix company sealing a deal with Google when launching their Infinix Hot 2 in Kenya. This company has built a great reputation regarding NGO work and also offered durable mobile phones available in all online stores in Kenya.

Innovation and Technology

Kenya is always hit by blackouts every time there is power rationing. The Infinix Mobile has solved this menace recently when they launched the much awaited Infinix Hot 2 a smartphone that has a power consumption that lasts for not less than 2 days. The technology that is used in this device makes sure that one can charge his or her phone in less than 30 minutes.

A brand made by industry people

One thing that you will notice with Infinix phones is the inbuilt physical appearance. The brain behind this good work is truly impeccable. The Infinix bench back is set and running is the right direction. Now, to understand this company more, you will know that this company is based Hong Kong, and its headquarters are in Shanghai. The design center is in Paris. Infinix then it’s a technology hub comprising of prominent, experienced executives who understand the whole concept of giving consumers what they deserve. It is the understanding from the R&D team that you get to know that this company is focused on quality smartphone manufacturing.

You will see that Infinix mobile phones are trendy, unique and catchy. This company has worked hard to be where it is today. The super specifications and prices clearly show that there were thorough meetings so as to come up with such conclusions.

Online mobile phones and emerging markets

To be successful in business, you have to find the best partners at the right time and place. Infinix mobile phone was voted the best selling both online and offline dating the grand sale of Infinix Zero. Kenyans loved the model of the phone and bought around 1500 peace of phones. What inspired them much was the gorilla glass and the massive octa-core processor.

Also the HD screen and the wonderful 13MP camera. This was a notable innovation in Kenyan soil that people appreciated so much. The company later extended this innovation to different African countries up to South Africa. Later the same year, Infinix Mobile Phone Company introduced the Infinix HOT that did well that Christmas season. The device matched the Kenyan taste and many people shopped big for this device. From the research done recently, it is said that this company did well that year and surpassed brands like Samsung and HTC sales.

What to expect

It is true to say that any Infinix gadgets are worth my love. I can live with it and be contented many years to follow. If you buy one and never find anything wrong with them, then buy it always and live with it. Yes there are small issues with these devices but they are not worth mentioning here. I have enjoyed using and buying Infinix phones for my loved ones always. It was not a one day love but a simultaneous commitment of usage and reviews. One thing that you will notice with Infinix phones is their responsiveness with the Android. It’s just impressive more so the UI skin that this company abducted.

P.S. One thing that has kept this company going strong, it’s the after buy services that they offer. They make sure that if the phone develops any problem, it will be repaired for free and at the soonest time possible. Where this company is heading is a good places and it may go top of many other well-known brands. Watch this space for more updates.

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