Samsung Z550- Go Mobile with Slider Phone

Samsung has been in the UK mobile phone market for a long time and has been pouring in its latest mobile phone gadgets at regular intervals, in order to keep its commanding position. Initially, people were of the view that Samsung will follow a different strategy and will start from one particular section of mobile phones and then will look after the left over ones. But, rather this, it enunciated its journey in full force, covering every type of handsets which are popular now a days.

For users engaged in business and thus require a phone which can not only accomplish their basic mobile communication tasks but can also let them to keep in touch with their crucial business functioning as well, Samsung has launched a vast array of PDAs and touch cum PDA devices like B7510 OmniaPRO, I7500 Galaxy etc.

People who are looking to kickstart their mobile telephony and are looking for a cheap basic mobile phone, there is not dearth of good looking basic mobile phones, as far as Samsung is concerned. Such buyers will find themselves hummed with multifarious types of basic handsets. Some of the cheap mobile phones from the house of Samsung include Samsung C140, C300 Black, Z550, B5702 and many others also. A flip handset, Samsung Z550 could be one of the best option for buyers in search a slider handset with average functions/specifications.

Samsung Z550


It is a pure lightweight phone as carries weight of just 95g and if we talk of its measurements then again it impresses with its average dimensions. Samsung Z550 is 93mm long and has breath of 45 mm which is approximate to half of its length. And, in terms of width which is at 17.5 mm, the gimmick easily convinces buyers, seeing its slider characteristic wherein the 2.0 inch TFT display screen slides over the gadget’s numeric keypad.

One of the most celebrated function of the gimmick is its 3G compatibility which is very rare to find in low end mobile phones. And, as usual, there is 2.0 MP built in camera as well further filling up colors in the painting called Samsung Z550. In terms of resolution at which, the built in camera captures images, there is not any surprise and similar to other 2.0 MP cameras, it has also been endowed with powerful resolution of 1600×1200 pixels.


And, hey! the phone does not have any rivalry with ‘dotcoms’ rather HTML websites easily get open with its WAP browser which is an yet another feather in handset’s cap. But, one should not forget to thank Samsung for embedding GPRS too as it has provided the much necessary data connectivity to the gimmick.

Though, much has been said about data connectivity, the overall chapter of connectivity functions ends with mention of GPRS, 3G and HTML browser (which is just an application and requires feed of Internet connectivity). Other popular connectivity aspects such as GPS, Wi-Fi are missing. After data connectivity, talking of data transfer options, there are provided enough functions i A Java compatible device, there are present some exciting features such as Video telephony & streaming,  music player, document viewer etc. For good talk time, following the trend, the gimmick has also been given the backing of Standard Li-ion battery.

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